Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ Review

     Need a bb cream that is easy to apply? Do you want something that will be great for rainy or sunny weather?  Well, you should try this Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion. :)

   We have a bipolar weather here in Philippines (too rainy or scorching hot) haha. It is difficult to find a makeup product that really works for this kind of weather. In addition, most of us are in a hurry every morning, and needs a product that is very easy to apply. I am very happy Laneige have this snow bb soothing cushion. So let me give you first an overview of this product.

Product Benefits:

Bright and Clear Whitening Care + Strong Sunscreen Effect
Contains White Plus Renew Complex™, the major ingredient of Laneige White Plus Renew, for bright and clear skin. Moreover, its SPF 50+ PA+++ formula blocks UV rays even under strong sunlight. 

Long-lasting Makeup
High molecules strong against sweat and sebum form a network to create an elastic barrier on the surface of makeup to hold makeup and UV screen on for a long time. Also, highly elastic cushion powder holds up the makeup barrier that can easily be collapsed by sweat and sebum for long-lasting makeup even with one layer.

Refreshing and Cooling Sensation
The refreshing soothing sensation that you can feel on your skin reduces the skin temperature to refresh your skin after it has been fatigued by heat. The soothing sensation is best in hot and humid environments and allows you to refresh when correcting makeup.

Natural and Clean Skin Tone
The spherical powder with similar refraction rate as the skin controls oil absorption and light diffusion to prevent excess shine and creates a natural and clean skin tone with medium coverage.

How to apply:

1. Apply onto puff and smooth along the texture of skin. Then, pat to increase adherence. Apply another layer to improve coverage. 
2. If there is no more content after you press the cushion with your finger, it means that the product is finished. Replace with a refill. 

This product also comes with a free refill. It's like buying 2 with a price of one. :)

How to Replace with Refill
Close the container, flip it, and press the back of container using both hands to separate the container. 
Always recap after use. If it is not stored covered, helpful moisturizers and other ingredients can evaporate to shrink the contents. 

How to Take Care of Puff
Keep the puff clean all the time and gently massage it in lukewarm water with neutral detergent or puff cleanser to wash it. Rinse thoroughly until the detergent is washed away, release all moisture, and dry completely in a shady place. This way, you can use it for an extended period of time. 

Always recap after use. If it is not stored covered, helpful moisturizers and other ingredients can evaporate to shrink the contents.

I did some test to know the effectivity of this product.

For coverage:

For long lasting effect:

       I admit that I have second thoughts before I decided to buy this (because of my “OCness” haha). I thought the puff is not hygienic, so I have to wash the puff/applicator every night. Since I started using this, I spend less time in applying my makeup, because it is so very easy to use. It has a light to medium coverage, just add a little concealer for some blemishes and dark circles. A little amount cannot totally neutralize the redness, so I still advice you to dab a little concealer. The staying power of this product is really great! It can last all day long even if it is too hot outside or rainy. It is actually sweat proof. It has a great amount of spf which is SPF 50+ PA+++, so I don't usually apply additional sunblock when I am using this bb cream. Well this gives me a flawless finish and brightens up my face like the snow bb cream (which I also love).

      It comes in 3 shades ( 21 Natural beige, 23 sand beige, 31 brown beige), so you don't have to worry if it is too light. Oil control is not that bad. I didn't felt the cooling sensation. It is a little pricey, I think it's php 1800. But it includes a refill. This product can dry quickly, so make sure to cover it properly.

       Will I recommend this product? Of-course yes! :) This is actually my 2nd favorite bb cream. It is really great, specially because of the crazy weather. haha... So I will rate this product 4/5! ^^

      Well that's it! ^^ I hope you like it. For any questions, requests, suggestions, or any reaction just write them at the comment box. For daily updates or you just want to interact with me you can follow me in facebook, twitter, and instagram. Follow this blog site for more product reviews or beauty related blogs.  So I'll be back with more product reviews and make tutorials (if possible). Have a wonderful night! ~^^



  1. Hi kameshi! Great post! I also love using BB creams, I have to get one of this!

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    Dainty MD

    1. Thank you so much.Will post more bb cream reviews soon. By the way, I followed you already! ~^^