Monday, September 17, 2012

Klair's illuminating Supple Blemish Cream Review

Feeling heavy and sticky using foundation? Want to have natural yet glowing look? Let me share to you Klair's illuminating supple blemish cream. :)

Last week, I received a package from Seoul, and I saw some Klair's samples. And last Saturday, I used the illuminating supple serum, cream, and blemish cream. I was so happy with how great it looks on my face! :)
Here's a picture of me taken from my instagram last saturday... ^_^

        So let me first introduce to you the brand. Klair's is a low irritation, functional cosmetic brand that is safe to use for those with sensitive or troubled skin type. Their products does not contain alcohol, artificial coloring, or paraben, has minimal fragrance, not tested to animals, and eco-friendly.

       According to the product description, Klair's illuminating supple blemish cream is a supple, lightweight formula with a hint of color you can use in place of foundation for a natural finish and a healthy illuminating complexion. It contains a SPF 40 PA++ for UV and sun protection.

Product ingredients:

Here are some test I did to this product:

For coverage...
Black Test
Red Test

                  This product has a light to medium coverage. Black spots, scars, blemishes may need extra concealer to cover. It  also neutralizes redness, which is great for those who are experiencing redness due to acne or other conditions. I will rate this product 3.5/5 for the coverage.

For long lasting effect...


                 After 1 hour...

                   Staying power is just ok. It did not totally fade away. So for the long lasting effect 4/5.

   The texture of this product is great. So light and not sticky! It also has a good oil control properties which I love. I think it has the enough amount of SPF for sun protection, but you can still use a sunblock if you want more protection. It did not caused any break outs. But some blemishes/ pimples( which I got after using clean face mild lotion from faceshop) faded and disappeared. What amazed me was the flawless and brightening effect or finish. I'm starting to love this product! And I'm planning to purchase the full size tube. But unfortunately it is not yet available in the Philippines but you can find one at 

For over-all, I'd like to honestly rate this product: 4/5 

This is my favorite bb cream as of now. :) 

I highly recommend Klair's illuminating supple blemish cream for those with acne prone, oily, and sensitive skin, and also for those who wants flawless glowing skin. :) 

For any questions, comments, or any request please write them at the comment box below. :) I'll post more product reviews soon. Good night! ^_^


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