Saturday, September 22, 2012

Short Review of The Face Shop's Clean Face Mild Lotion

Hi guys! I received some trial size gift sets after I attended an event last month. In addition, these include the clean face special gift set. Moreover, I decided to try this clean face mild lotion for two reasons. First reason is my acne-prone sensitive skin. Second, is because Angel (from Beautifymeeh channel) loves this product. 

So let me give you first a quick overview of this product.

Product description:
  •  A lotion that provides quick and effective care for skin troubles.
  • Helps calm skin irritations.
  • Contains Tea Tree extract, which helps to prevent acne formation.
  • Promotes the regeneration of skin to help treat old acne scars.

Skin Type: 
Acne-prone oily skin

After applying clean face mild toner, dispense an appropriate amount and apply gently all over the face.

My thoughts:
                I love the green tea scent of this product. It is so relaxing! Moisturizing effect is just ok. The oil controlling properties is not good. My face became more oily just a few minutes after I applied it. I hate the sticky feeling after using this product. Worst of all, I experienced some break outs. I have a sensitive skin, so if a product is not really good I break out easily. Large pimples popped out around my jaw area, nose,chin, and cheeks. Therefore, I stopped using it. I am so disappointed with this lotion, and I have no plans in purchasing the full size bottle. I will not recommend this specially for those who have sensitive skin. I will rate this product  1.7/5 :(

         So that's it! I hope this short review helped you somehow. ^_^ For any request, questions, or any reactions, write them on the comment box and I'll try to respond as quick as I can. Don't forget to like or follow, and I'll be back with more product reviews. Happy Friday! ^_^


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