Monday, October 28, 2013

Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick Review

    Who among have seen the Korean drama That Winter, the wind blows?? I think in episode 2 or 3, they feature the laneige silk intense lipstick in beige chiffon. And the day after it was aired her lipstick was sold out. It is so difficult to pre-order this lipstick in online shops. I have no choice but to wait for Laneige Philippines to officially launch it here. Of-course I grabbed 2 shades of the famous Song Hye Gyo lipstick. ^.^

Product Description:

1. Absolute weight down tech
      Creates its chiffon films to deliver the excellence adherence.
2. Air crush downsizing technology
     Downsize the size of its pigments by Air Crush Z-mill to enhance its adherence to the skin and    create a attractive lip make up with just a touch.
3. Peptide
     It's the ingredient that has water-familiar function. It provides immediate hydrating effect and moisturizing the lips.


My Thoughts:

    I like the packaging, it looks chic and elegant. For me it is much better than the previous laneige intense lipstick packaging. 

     It is sheer but you can layer more product if you desire more pigmentation. Beige chiffon is a nude beige color which would nice if you want to achieve a "no make up make up look"or a natural look. Sometimes I use it as a base color whenever I try to do gradient lip. I like pink garden as an everyday pink lip color. I really really like the shade, it is so pretty. But it contains shimmers which I don't like. Whenever the color fades the shimmers still remains and it doesn't look nice. Unfortunately, I tried to use the pink garden when I go to work but the color didn't last long. I think it only stays for about an hour or two which is so disappointing. But what I love about laneige lip products is the moisturizing effect.

     This product contains two ingredients that may cause irritations. The first one is octyldodecanol, which is commonly used as fragrance, solvent and emulsifier. It is responsible in making your lips feel silky soft and smooth.  It can cause irritations by enhancing the harmful effect of other ingredient. The other ingredient is the ethylhexyl palmitate. It is used as fragrance, pigment and solvent, it can cause mild irritations. But I did not experience any irritations or allergic reactions.

   To sum it all up, I like this lipstick because of the chic packaging, excellent moisturizing effect and the gorgeous shades that compliments my skin. On the other hand, I don't like the shimmers and it is not long lasting. And I will rate this 3.5/5.

   The Laneige silk intense lipsticks are available in all Laneige stores here in the Philippines so make sure to check all the pretty shades. And if you have already tried this product you can share your experience at the comment box. Also write any questions, request, suggestions below and I'll try my best to respond as quick as I can. ^.^ Please follow this blog for more beauty related post. Feel free to follow me in facebook, tweeter, instagram. There still some items left in my blog sale check them out here. Have a blessed week! ^.^


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  1. Great review!! But i personally don't like glittery or shimmering lip products. But the packaging does look really expensive and chic!! Thanks for the review!1

  2. Look so nice! Thank you for your review ^^
    I start follow your blog , see my ^^
    Let's be friends!

  3. Did you review the ingredients for the duo colour series?

  4. Did you review the ingredients for the duo colour series?

  5. Did you review the ingredients for the duo colour series?