Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Face Shop Aqua UV Color Control Cream Review

    Hello sweat hearts!! ^.^ If any of you have seen my September 2013 favorites, maybe you saw TFS Aqua UV CC cream in my list. And today I will share to my review of The Face Shop Aqua UV CC Cream.

Product Description:

A long lasting, powerful UV block CC cream that lowers the skin temperature by 2'C. A wrinkle care, whitening, and sunscreen triple functional cosmetic.

  • Skin cooling and hydrating: formulated with skin cooling agent and 100% ice plant water for intensive hydration.
  • 12 hour long lasting.
  • Aqua-fit makeup: light weight, aqua soft texture stays put long against sweat and sebum.
How to use:
  1. After skincare, open the case and press the button 1-2 times to release the formula.
  2. Tap lightly onto skin using the CC puff.


My Thoughts:

   The packaging comes in a compact container. Though it is a bit bulky compared to the usual compacts, it still fits in my makeup bag. If ever you run out of this cc cream, you can always replace it with a refill. Just push the back part of the compact and put the refill.

     To dispense the the product you have to pump 1-2 times the button. Actually it reminds me of the packaging of Mule foundcealer. And to be honest, I don't think that the dispenser is hygienic. It is so messy when you try to get the product. So I usually wipe it with wet wipes.

    I am in shade 02 natural beige. It blends in my natural color. It doesn't leave a white cast appearance even if it contains a high amount of SPF. Talking of SPF, the main reason why I decided to get this instead of the aura cc cream is because it contains SPF 50+ PA+++. I prefer higher SPF levels because of the sunny weather here in the Philippines.

    This cc cream has the best coverage among all the cc creams that I've tried. It can lessen the appearance of dark spots and redness. It has a light weight texture and can last for about 5-6 hours. I have to say it feels light and hydrating to the skin rather than it feels cool. It has a matte finish and has good oil control which I recommend with those who have oily skin.
    Unfortunately this product contains some comedogenic ingredients like zinc oxide (protects the skin from free radicals), dimethicone (silicone ingredient that locks in moisture), and butylene glycol (conditioning agent). This ingredients can clogged pores that may cause break outs. It also contains skin irritants like alcohol denat (can dry out the skin's natural oils which can damage the skin) and sodium hydroxide (adjust pH level, and known as a strong irritant). Though I have a acne prone and sensitive skin, I didn't noticed break outs or any allergic reactions. But... but... but... It doesn't mean that you will experience the same. I suggest that you consult your dermatologist if you have a highly sensitive skin just to be sure. 

    Overall I like this cc cream because of the SPF level, coverage, and how it feels light to the skin. It is a bit pricey if you purchase it in the mall (Php 1,500 I guess). But you can always check some online shops like kkochipida and w2beauty. So I will rate this 4/5. ^.^

    If you have tried this product feel free to share your opinions below. And don't hesitate to leave a comment, ask a question, request, and suggestions. I will try to respond as quick as I can. ^.^ Know me more and get in touch with me through facebook, tweeter, instagram. Please follow my blog for more beauty related post. If you haven't seen my ongoing blog sale you can check it here. And that's it! I will be back soon for another product review. Have a wonderful week!! ^.^ 


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  1. Great post! It was so great that you put the ingredients on it! Thanks for sharing informayion!
    I have one doubt. You said it has a matte finish, but is it too matte? I want to buy it, but I don't really like when they're too matte. Does it have a little glow or dewy finish?
    Once again, thanks for your kindness!

  2. Is it a matte finish or dewy finish?