Sunday, August 4, 2013

Innisfree Mineral Jelly Pact Review

    Hello guys! :) I will share to you today a quick review of my current favorite powder pact, which is the innisfree mineral jelly pact. I've been using this a lot lately because it is so different from the other powder pacts that I've used. So let's find out more about the product.

Product Description...
  • Contains jeju's natural mineral powder and soothes skin.
  • Protects skin, and creates sophisticated and radiant skin.
  • Adheres tightly with jelly texture, and creates natural skin coverage.
  • Leaves moisturized and radiant skin.
  • No artificial fragrance, no mineral oil, and no animal ingredients.
  • SPF 32 PA+++
  • Volume: 12 g

  • No. 01 Natural Beige
  • No. 02 True Beige

How to use...

Apply moderate amount on puff, spread all over face like patting, and delicately press on the curves of face.


My Thoughts:

   The packaging is so simple and so handy, fits in my make up bag or even in my small sling bag. It has a transparent separator for the puff, which is hygienic.  Innisfree is Eco-friendly, so expect that the box is made from recycled paper. Unfortunately, the ingredients are written in hangeul so I can't give you a review about the ingredients. I am hoping that innisfree will include english translation of ingredients.

    I really love the bb cream from the other brand with the "jelly" word in it, that's why I decided to get this powder. The texture of this powder is a bit different from the usual compact powder. It has a semi-jelly texture. So it blends naturally to the skin and provides moisture. This is my current favorite powder as of now. Because it is not cakey and so light to the skin as if you are not wearing a powder.

    The coverage is sheer or light. It can tone down a bit of redness but it can't totally hide blemishes, acne scars, and other skin imperfections. Oil control is not bad if I will rate it, I think it will be 3.5/5. This powder can last in my face for about 5-6 hours. I only use blotting paper once (particularly mid-day). For those with dry skin, don't worry it doesn't accentuate fine lines. I didn't experienced any allergic reactions and it didn't trigger break outs. I will recommend this powder particularly to those with combination skin type. I don't know the original price of this product because I got it on sale 585php. Sadly, Innisfree is not yet available here in the Philippines. But you can check out my favorite online shop kkochipida or try on w2beauty. Overall I am satisfied with this product and so far this is my favorite. So I will rate this product 4/5.

    And that's my review for Innisfree Mineral Jelly Pact. If you want to share your thoughts about this product put them at the comment box. If you have any questions, suggestions, any any request you can write them below. Please follow my blog for more beauty related post. If you want to get in touch of me or be updated in my daily activities you can follow me on facebook, tweeter, instagram, and  keek. So have a blessed week! 


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  1. what the type of your skin? normal, oily, combination? i have super oily skin, do you think this is good for me?