Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Missha Complexion Coordinating BB cream in Flawless Complexion Review

    Hello sweet hearts! We all know that bb cream is a huge hit and the rave about cc cream is starting. Cosmetic companies (specially korean brands) recommends to pair up cc cream and bb cream for better results. But I think it is not a good idea to layer too many make up products specially if you're living in a very humid country. And I am so happy to find a bb cream and cc cream in one. So let's find out more about this product.

Product Description: (source)

The Complexion Coordinating BB cream spf  43 PA+++ gives you a clean, even more natural look. No.2 Flawless Complexion is a flaw correcting beige cream for clear and smooth skin.

CC BB Cream features the Inner and Outer Complexion Coordinating Systems to provide skin care benefits for smooth, flawless skin.

Inner Complexion Coordinating System:
1. Brightening - Giga White, Pomegranate Extract, Arbutin
2. Firming - Peptide, Adenosine
3. Moisturizing - Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Water
4. Soothing - Phytoncide, Cactus Extract

Outer Complexion Coordinating System:
1. Improve skin tone – Tripled Layered Color Capsules
2. Correct flaws – Skin Wrapping Powder
3. Even skin texture – Light Scattering Powder


My Thoughts:

    I received this 7ml trial size tube from Missha Philippines, which is great for traveling. This cc/bb cream gives me a bright looking skin that I want. It has a semi-matte finish that would be great for oily and combination skin types. It doesn't accentuate any dry patches and fine lines. It blends smoothly to the skin and gives me a natural look.

    So this is how the 50ml full size jar looks like. My friend purchased this 50ml jar. (Thank you Karenssi for these pictures ^^ ).  It's pretty huge and bulky. Unlike the other bb or cc cream tubes, you have to twist to dispense the product. So stupid of me, when I tried the tester I pumped it instead of twisting it, haha! It may look a little messy when you get the product. The cover has an engraved missha logo which reminds me of high end products like estee lauder, dior, and chanel. I think the price of this 50ml jar is 1000+ php.

    It has a sheer coverage but you can add more layers if you want to build up more coverage. With 1 layer, you can reduced a little of redness and appearance of blemishes and acne scar. But will not totally cover all the skin imperfections. Unfortunately, this cc/bb cream has a pinkish undertone. My face looks a bit gray after I apply it. This cc/bb cream controls oil fairly (3.5/5). It can last for about 5-6 hours.

    Sadly, this product contains 7 ingredients that can cause skin irritations and acne. Zinc oxide is a sun screen ingredients to protect our skin form harmful UV rays. It is comedogenic, which means it can trigger break outs. Talc can clog pores and it is carcinogenic.  Dimethicone is a smoothing silicone, it is responsible for making our skin look smooth. It also provides a protective cover on skin, which is supposed to help keep moisture in, leaving skin hydrated for longer... As the covering and trapping property of dimethicone means that it’s not just trapping moisture, but bacteria, skin oils, sebum, and other impurities. That means those prone to acne or with oily skin are more likely to see increased blackheads and breakouts when using products containing this ingredient. (source) Ethylhexyl Plamate is used as fragrance, emollient, and pigment. It is has a high comedogenic property. Butylene glycol is used as solvent, viscosity decreasing agent, and conditioning agent. This ingredient can irritate the skin and may cause breaks outs, but it is not carcinogenic. Hexylene glycol helps to keep the moisture of our skin. It can cause acne and skin irritations. Lastly, Carbomer. It is a thickening agent and irritate the skin.

   I have a sensitive skin, but luckily I did not experienced any allergic reactions or any skin irritations. I also didn't break out with this cc/bb cream . What I really love about this product is it's bb cream and cc cream in one. I don't need to layer first the cc cream then bb cream which turns out a little heavy to my face. It feels light and looks natural. Perfect for what they call "no make up make up look". I will definitely purchase the full size jar. And I recommend this specially to those who doesn't like layering too much product in their face. For those with sensitive skin you may consult your dermatologist first before trying it. Overall I like this product and I'll rate it with 4/5.

   So don't forget to check out this product in your nearest Missha store. And that's my review for Missha Complexion Coordinating bb cream. I hope you find it helpful. If you have tried this product you can share your experience below. And if you have any questions, request, and suggestions feel free to write them at the comment box. If you want more product reviews please follow this blog. Get in touch with me through facebook, tweeter, instagram, and  keek. Thank you guys for reading my blog. Annyeong!! ^^


 *Credits to my friend Karen Sy for the full size jar photos.
 *For business/sponsorship you can email me at kaemeshi@gmail.com


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  3. A facepack of honey and lemon can be the best option to whiten your skin. They help to remove the dead cells and exfoliate your skin.

  4. Hi Kameshi!
    CC Creams are really booming nowadays. Have you heard about DD Creams? I’ve read from a Korean blog that some cosmetic shops are beginning to develop DD Creams.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. Thank you for sharing this good info Kameshi I was actually pplanning of buying this cc cream until i found out from your review that it has 7 ingredients that can trigger acne and irritates skin. I have a very very very sensetive skin, oily to combination also prone to acne and I don't want to worsen my my skin. So thank you thank you thank you!


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  7. thank you, this is very helpful review.