Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Estee Lauder Disapper Smoothing Creme Concealer Review

      Hello guys! I remember when I was in college I never leave the house without my concealer. Specially when I'm in a hurry. I just dab a little concealer on my blemishes and dark circles, then I pat some powder and I'm ready to go! I don't want to scare my patients or my classmates with my panda-like dark circles. Haha!  Estee Lauder disappear smoothing creme concealer is my companion I guess for almost 3 years. And now, I will share to you a quick review of my favorite concealer. ^.^

Product Discription... (from estee lauder uk website)

    Hydrating formula helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and soothes puffiness. It contains vitamin E and gentle botanicals. It comes in a convenient portable tube.

Formula Facts...
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  •  Fragrance-free
How to use...
  •  Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter to your skin.
  • Apply after foundation.


My thoughts...


   It has medium-full coverage. Covers acne scars, dark spots, redness, large pores so well. Texture is thick and a bit heavy specially if applied in many layers. For me 1 layer of this concealer is enough. It might appear a little cakey if you apply it on your dark circles. But I usually add a little amount of eye cream and blend it immediately to avoid it. Controls oil fairly. I did not experience break outs or any allergic reactions. Comes in a small container tube. Last for about 7-8 hours. I am in shade light and it suits to my skin color.

   So let's talk about ingredients. Butylene glycol is used to retain moisture content. This ingredient is carcinogenic or may cause cancer. It can cause skin irritation, dermatitis and may trigger break outs. Dimethicone or silicone based polymer, fills in uneven texture and fine lines, which helps create a smooth and flawless look in products like primers, foundations, and lotions. It also provides a protective cover on skin, which is supposed to help keep moisture in, leaving skin hydrated for longer (source).  It can cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, dryness, and may trigger break outs. 

   This is a bit expensive compared to mac. I can't remember the exact mall price of this concealer, but I think it's around Php 1000+ . I know budget conscious girls might not like the price. But actually this 15 ml tube can last for months. Not bad. This estee lauder disappear smoothing creme concealer is the best among the concealers that I have tried. So I will rate this 4.5/5.

    So that's my review for my favorite concealer. I hope that you find it helpful. So if you any questions regarding this product you may write them at the comment box, as well as your request and suggestions. Feel free to follow this blog, it means a lot to me. For daily updates or you just want to be friends you can follow me on facebook, tweeter, instagram, and  keek. And I will be back soon with more product review. Annyeong!

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