Friday, December 14, 2012

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Review

    I started to use concealer since I entered college. Now, it is a part of my staple make-up routine. It helps me to hide my dark circles and cover my blemishes and dark spots. I have tried many kinds of concealer from different brands. But for now, I'll share to you a quick review of the concealer that I am currently using, which is mac select cover-up.

Product Features:

  • Brightens and lightens dark areas
  • erases spots
  • evens out skin


My shade:


Heart Test:

To test its long lasting effect:

    What I really like about mac is the good coverage it provides. You don't have put tons of layers to achieve the desired coverage. It is not sticky and can last for the whole day, so no need for touch ups.  I only use this concealer for my under eye, because I break out whenever I use this. It contains some harmful ingredients that can cause irritations and acne. Therefore, I will not recommend this for those with acne prone and sensitive skin. For those who are "OC" like me, I think the container tube is hygienic. It dries quickly so you have to blend it out immediately. I noticed from mac products that the color is a bit orange when you spread it out (which I don't like), so I have to mix a little amount of my bb cream/ foundation just to lessen the orange color. For budget conscious girls, since it's mac, expect that this is a bit expensive. The price is php 1000, but it last for months depending on the amount you use. 

    Will I buy it again? Probably not. I think I will repurchase Estee Lauder disappear concealer instead. Will I recommend it? As I mentioned above, I can't recommend this for those with acne prone and sensitive skin like me. I will rate this product: 3.5/5

   So that's my quick review about mac select cover-up concealer. Let me know if you have any questions, request or comments, you can write them below. And for daily updates you can follow me at:

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  1. love your review, it helped me out so much

    1. Hi! ^.^ Thank you so much for reading my blog. So happy to know that it helped you.