Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty Gurus I watch in Youtube

   Yey! It's already 2013! ^.^ Happy New Year! So far, are you enjoying the first two weeks of the year? I hope you do. Anyway, I've been busy watching Korean dramas for the past few weeks. I realized that my blogs are stocked in my drafts! So watch out this week or maybe up to next week, I might flood you with lots of blogs/posts.

     Beauty or make-up gurus are scattered all over the YouTube world. With different styles and techniques, it is a bit confusing what beauty channel to watch. Am I right? That's why I decided to share or recommend some of the beauty channels I frequently watch.

Michelle Phan

     Like other girls, I started with Rice Bunny or Michelle Phan's channel. I checked out her channel because of a friend's recommendation. From her, I learned the basics of make-up application. I've been watching her for 5 years. Even though she is an Asian, her make-up style is more on western style.


   When I explored YouTube, I discovered xteeener's channel. Like Michelle Phan, I've been watching her for 5 years. I love her hairstyle tutorials, and specially the wxw or what xteeener wears. Christine is also a Vietnamese, like Michelle Phan, who is currently residing in US. She also has this western style of make-up.


    Bubzbeauty channel is one of my favorite. I enjoy Bubz fun and bubbly personality! I think she has this Asian make-up style. She includes cute hairstyle tutorials and girl talks. What I really love about her is, she's not only helping girls to be beautiful outside but also inside. She has some inspiring girl talk videos and blogs. And I highly recommend her! ^.^


    Asahi Sasaki is a Japanese beauty guru. She have this fun, cool and creative Asian style. If you browse to her Youtube playlists, you may find some of her tutorials too much. But she have some tutorials that are wearable for special occasions or even for everyday. 


    Nayoung from oiseau88 channel is a Korean who is living in US. Her channel is my favorite. I love love love love her Korean make up style! I find her tutorials easy and wearable. I also love her skin care routine videos and her fashion style. Why? Because of simplicity and how elegant her style is. Actually, she is approachable and super nice! ^.^ She responds whenever I ask her for some advice. I would love to meet her someday.


   Angel is also a korean make-up guru like Nayoung. She is more on Korean make-up style which includes kpop make-up inspired look. She is open to discuss her skin concerns and shares what kind of treatment she does. I also love the videos of her baby Yunwoo! So cute! ^.^


    Another korean make-up guru that I frequently watch is Sarah Lee's Onleeamore channel. Her videos are simple, easy, and wearable. Among her tutorials my favorite is her Song Hye Kyo inspired make-up tutorial. I also like her fashion style and vlogs. She is also approachable and nice.I just recently found out that she is a christian like me. And I am hoping that she will do some videos that are inspirational girl talks.


   Jen from frmheadtotoe channel does kpop inspired make-up tutorials, which I think kpop addicts will love.Her tutorials are glamorous and easy to do. She actually love nail polish so I recommend her to those who also like nail polish.


   Liah from Yellowycream channel is very friendly and nice.Her make up style is Korean style and she also does kpop make up tutorials. And yes, her videos are also easy and wearable. And for me, it is a must to meet her in person if ever I decided to have a vacation in S. Korea.


   I love Sunny! ^.^ She is cute and bubbly. Whenever I tweet her it feels like I am interacting with my sister! That's how approachable  and friendly she is. Her videos are fun, cute, and easy. And her make up style is obviously, Korean style. One of my favorite tutorial is her Han Jae Hee make up inspired look (because I'm addicted to nice guy). I recommend her specially to young ladies out there.


  Hover is really great in reviewing make up products. She gives her honest opinions. She thoroughly explains what and why she likes or dislikes the products. For me, she deserves a lot of subscribers.
Jung Saemmool

   If you are looking for a professional make up artist channel I recommend Jung Saemmool channel. She is a professional make up artist in Korea. I stay updated on the latest make up and hairstyle trends because of this channel. You don't have to worry if you don't understand hangul/korean language because her videos have subtitles.

    There are some channels that I also watch. But what I have mentioned above are those channels that I frequently watch.  Here is the list of  other channels that I am subscribed in case you want to know:
  1. Jasmine Yeung
  2. Kimdao
  3. Ahramablog
  4. Meejmuse
  5. Angelamnjikim
  6. soobin725
  7. Tanya Burr
  8. WishTrendTv
  9. saytiocoartillero
  10. Makeupby Tiffany

     I owe this beauty gurus a lot because they inspire me and helped me overcome my insecurities. I would love to meet at least  one of them someday just to thank them. If ever one of them is reading this, Thank you so so so so much! ^.^ And to inspire other ladies I would like to do some tutorials and inspirational talks in the near future.

   Well that's it! I hope you like this blog and don't forget to check out the channels that I recommend. So watch out for more product reviews. For daily updates don't forget to follow me on:

Instagram: Kameshiiii
Wishing you all a happy and blessed New Year! ^.^




  1. from head to toe, i watch her videos too! check out kandee johnson, cassandra bankson, holly ann n beautycakez!

  2. Thanks dear, will check their channels. ^.^