Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Choose the Right BB Cream?

    How are you lovelies?! ^.^ I've been busy for the past few weeks, and I wasn't able to update my blog. But, I'm back with lots of product reviews and some tips. I also have a good news! My blog site reached 1000+ page views! yey! ^.^ I am so grateful for all your love and support. Thank you so much for visiting and checking out my reviews. And I promise to post more informative and detailed skin care and make-up product reviews!

    But for now, I would like share some tips on selecting the appropriate BB cream for your skin.
I actually received some emails and text messages regarding this matter. That's why I decided to share a simple guideline that might be helpful for you. But first let me give you a brief background about BB creams. 

   Blemish Balms are popular today not just in Asia but also around the world. It is so convenient to use because it is all-in-one cosmetic product that can act as a serum, moisturizer, sunblock, and foundation. It was originated in Germany by dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammeck, for the protection of her patient’s skin after surgery. And during the late 80’s South Korean and Japanese celebrities used it as a makeup product. And it gained more popularity when the hallyu craze started. Since then there are different types of bb creams released in the market. Now, the dilemma of most of us … How to choose the right BB cream????

1. Know your Skin type.

     Not all bb creams will work on your face. Knowing your skin type is basic. If you don’t know your skin type you may check out my previous blog.

Normal skin - Good news! Any BB cream will look great on you like Skinfood ginko green tea bb cream.

Oily skin - Look for bb creams with good oil-controlling properties like Skin 79 super + triple function bb cream and Missha Vita bb cream(matte) .

Dry skin - BB creams with good hydrating or moisturizing contents will work for you like, Laneige Snow bb cream, Lioele waterdrop bb cream, and BRTC jasmine water bb cream. 
(Tip: for those with dry skin, you can mix your moisturizer and bb cream for better moisturizing effect).  

Combination skin type - try Garnier Miracle skin perfector bb cream, Misha Perfect cover  bb cream.

Sensitive skin - try to look for bb cream which is gentle like Dr. Jart Silver label bb cream, Klair's illuminating supple bb cream, or  VMV Hypoallergenics skintangible. 
(Note: For sensitive skin, it is best to consult your dermatologist before using any cosmetic products).

2. Know the right shade.

   Every time I go at the mall, I noticed a lot of girls with super light face which doesn't match the color of their neck. It looks odd! Obviously, they picked the wrong shade of bb cream or foundation. If you really want to look fair, you can use whitening products instead of choosing a lighter or super light shade of makeup. Most of bb creams are light, but some brands offers three shades that you can choose. Select the closest shade to your skin. And if it is still a little or too light, don't worry after a few minutes it will blend to your natural skin color. But if you are still not satisfied, mix a little amount of your foundation to achieve the desired shade/color. 

Tip: In choosing your right shade try to apply, the product at your jaw line (not to your wrist) and pick the closest shade to your skin.

3. Look for bb cream that suits your needs.

       For higher sun protection try Laneige Snow soothing bb cushion spf 50+ PA+++, Etude house sun bb cream,  or Skin 79 vital bb cream spf 50++ orange label. If you are suffering from acne try BRTC blemish recover balm, Etude House AC clinic bb cream, or Tony Moly live snail bb cream. The Face shop Face it HD perfect bb cream, Fairy drops candy bar bb cream, and Smashbox bb cream camera ready will make you look good in pictures. To achieve a healthy dewy look you can try Tony Moly luminous goddess aura bb cream or Misha shiny bb cream. If you want a bb cream with medium-full coverage you can try the face shop power perfection bb cream or  Lioele triple the solution bb cream. You can use Etude house precious mineral all day strong bb cream or Laneige  Snow soothing bb cushion if you're looking for bb cream that can last for the whole day . And for those who are looking for paraben-free and animal cruelty free bb creams you can try elisha coy always nuddy bb cream or klair's illuminating supple bb cream.

4. Check the label.

        It is important to read the indication, ingredients, and expiration date to avoid allergic reactions or skin damages.

5. Set your budget.

             Look for bb cream that you can afford. Let's admit it, some bb creams are a little pricey. And not all of us can afford to buy those high-end or branded bb creams. If the money you are saving is still not enough, all you need to do is to research. Search for products that are cheap or affordable but works great. Reading product reviews can help you.

6. Ask for samples.
        You can always visit the stores to ask for free samples. If they don't have some bb cream samples that you are looking, check online shops that offers trial size tubes or sachets. By doing this you can save  and avoid the waste of money that you may experience when you purchased a full size tube that doesn't work for you.

   It is wise to read bb cream reviews first before you go to the stores or order online. This can  help you save money, time, and your skin from undesirable skin reactions. 

  I hope that this simple guideline may help you in selecting the right bb cream for your skin, specially those who are not so familiar with bb creams. So let me know if you have any questions, clarifications, request, or comments you can write them at the comment box. For daily updates you can follow me in facebook, tweeter, instagram.

  I'll be back  with more tips and product reviews. Good night! 


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