Thursday, November 1, 2012

How well do you know your skin?

     Hello lovelies! ^^ I am currently reading a book which is all about skin care and make-up. And I'm already done with the first chapter. So far I'm enjoying it! ^^ I thought it would be great to share to you what  I have read. So for now, I will talk about skin types. Did you know that a lot of women are confused with their skin type? Because of this they end up buying the wrong product for their skin. It is very important to know your skin type to avoid skin damages and to improve your skin. So now let's identify the different skin types.

  • Normal Skin
           A normal skin is envied by a lot of women, because it is low maintenance. But this doesn't mean that you have to neglect your skin care routine, because it may lead to early signs of aging. A normal skin has an even skin tone and smooth texture without greasy or flaky areas.It appears moist, soft, smooth, and firm which indicates balance.Sometimes pimples may pop-out due to hormonal changes which is normal. Good news for those who have this type of skin! Any make-up look will be great on you!

  • Oily Skin
      Oily skin has open pores and prone to blockage that may lead to blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads. It appears shiny with large pores and may experience stickiness. This is due to hyper secretion or very active sebaceous/oil glands. This skin type is common among young adults. You may think that a very active sebaceous glands is a disadvantage, actually it is not. It delays the signs of aging which are the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. 

  • Dry Skin
           Dry skin feels tight and some may have visible flaking. Oil glands doesn't produce enough sebum to provide moisture to the skin due to tight pores. You may notice fine wrinkles, redness, and other signs of aging. Dryness can appear dull or ashy. Intense moisturizing may help you.

  • Dehydrated Skin
           Dry and dehydrated skin are not the same. Dry skin lacks oil, while dehydrated skin lacks water content. It occurs when your skin lose more moisture than it is taking in, or due to inadequate fluid intake and some medical conditions. Increase your fluid intake and use moisturizer to improve your skin.

  • Sensitive Skin
            Sensitive skin can react quickly to products that irritates the skin, or due to some medical conditions, or other environmental factors. This happens because the skin is thin with broken capillaries. If the skin is irritated it appears dry, itchy, with redness, some experience skin bumps or worst with burning or tingling sensation. You should be careful with the skin products you use. I suggest that before you purchase a  product consult your dermatologist or do some research about the product. You can also do a patch-test by applying the product at your jaw line or behind the ear, then after 24 hours check for presence of irritations,

  • Combination Skin
          Combination skin is the combination of 2 different skin types. You may have normal-dry skin, normal-oily skin,etc.  It is very common to be oily at your T-zone and dry at your cheeks, around the temples, mouth and eyes.  Look for products that is suits your needs. If there are areas of dryness moisturize it.

     Identifying your skin type is the basic thing you need to know. You can now choose the right skin care and make-up products that will suit your skin type.

    So that's it! I hope this is a bit informative for you guys. And for any request, questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to write them below. Don't forget to follow this blog or my facebook, tweeter, instagram, account for daily updates. I will be back with more product reviews, informative blogs, and soon, make-up tutorials. Take care everyone and Happy All Saints Day! ^^


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