Friday, February 7, 2014

Innisfree neon color pot rouge Review

    Hello sweet hearts! I am starting to like innisfree products lately. One of my favorite product from this brand is the mineral jelly pact which I have reviewed before. But for now I will share another product from this brand which is the neon color pot rouge. This is a dual purpose product, which can be use as a blusher or lip color.

Product Description:

  • With vivid color  that can be used as a lip color or blusher.
  • Double coating powder creates creamy texture.
  • Contains safflower seed oil and camellia oil to provide moisture to the lips.
How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount and blend it in your cheeks or lips.


*There is only few words translated to English, so I can only review the main ingredients of this product.

    Safflower seed oil usually used as a pigment in cosmetics. It also moisturizes, soothes, and soften the lips. While camellia oil helps to hydrate and moisturize the lips. Both ingredients doesn't irritate the lips.

My Thoughts:

        At first I thought that the container pot is made out of glass, but after I open the box it is actually made of transparent plastic. Well, compared to the glass container it is lighter. The packaging is simple and reminds me of MAC's tinted lip treatment.

    I really really love how pigmented this lip product is!! Isn't gorgeous?? ^.^ The good thing about this product is you don't need to apply tons of layers. One layer is enough because of its amazing coverage and pigmentation. Since it comes in a pot, it's kinda messy if you use your finger tips to apply this. Instead I use a lip brush. 


  It has a velvety texture which leaves a matte finish. I actually prefer moisturizing lip products than matte. I'm not comfortable wearing matte lip products. Because my lips feels dry and I noticed that it just accentuates dryness and flaking even I apply lip balm before it. So I recommend to apply lip gloss to finish the look.It can last for about 3-4 hours which is not bad. I didn't experience any irritations or allergic reactions.

     Though it is not so moisturizing, over all I still like this lip product because of the vibrant and pretty colors. It can also be used as blusher. It is also affordable. Unfortunately innisfree is not available here in the Philippines. But you can check out online shops for availability. If  you'd like to know where I got this, you can check out Kkochipida. So I will rate this 4.5/5 ^.^ 

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  1. These look so gorgeous and the colors are amazingly vivid! :)

  2. They must be amazing products!! :)

  3. These are beautiful shades, I love how pigmented they all are!

    Jess xo

  4. Those colors are so pigmented and the colors look pretty :)
    Great review dear ;)
    Innisfree has great lipproducts! I have the Innisfree color glow lipstick and it's my favorite lipstick at the moment! It's pigmented and so moisturizing =)

  5. Love the red one! ;-)

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  6. Thanks for reviewing. Love the orange one, it looks good on you.


  7. Ohh those are really pigmented! They look great on you :) I do agree about the matte lip products, I much prefer glossier ones.

  8. super pretty colors, they look great :)

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