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Shu Lifestyle The art of Beauty Workshop

    Hello guys! ^.^ Yesterday, I attended Shu Uemura's "Shu lifestyle the art of beauty workshop". It was so fun and I  have learned a lot. The workshop is so interactive which I really love. So I decided to share some techniques and the latest lip color trend for this season.

    Every girls wants to get a perfect looking skin. Agree?? Of course we have to start first with a proper skin care regimen. Ms. Claire Diokno, Shu uemura's make up artist, shares how important to moisturize your skin before applying make up. She used stage performer bb cream for faster and effortless way to moisturize the skin.

Don't forget to moisturize your lips.

  To make your make up last all day long use primer. And for those with oily skin with visible pores, Ms. Claire recommends PoreEraser uvub mousse. It minimizes the appearance of large visible pores and makes the make up last long.

   Then choose the right foundation according to your skin needs and the right shade. Ms. Claire said that she prefer using sponge or brush in applying foundation rather than using her fingers. Not all of us have are light handed. The force exerted by heavy fingers tends to leave finger prints to your face. Next is to conceal your blemishes or hyerpigmentation first. For small zits use a light concealer, but if you have a bigger pimple use light concealer around the pimple and darker on the top. Conceal your dark circles last. First set your dark circles with a little amount of powder, then apply concealer. To avoid caking under your eyes, blend it as quick as you can and don't put too much concealer. And lastly, set your face with a great powder.

   If you want to contour your face, "Smile" to access the line that will be your guide. She also said that contouring the nose is not necessary for an everyday or office look. It will be great for special events or photo shoots to make your nose taller.

For Eye brows choose the closest color to your hair to make it look natural. If you shape your brows with a "C shape" it makes you look friendlier. But if you want to look smart make your brows look straight.

    Ms. Claire used a concealer stick/ pencil in the lower water line of the eyes to make it look bigger or awake. She also said that a concealer pencil will give you a more natural bigger eyes than the white eye liner. According to Ms. Claire colored eyeliners like blue will be hot this summer.

 In curling your lashes, pull the upper lid up and lightly press the eyelash curler.

Here are the 4 lip colors that will be hot for  spring/ summer.

1. Grapefruit
       The combination bright pink and bright orange will give you a bright cute grapefruit lip color.


2. Sangria
        This is combination of red and purple, but more on the red side will be perfect for a chic and elegant look.

3. Orange
        Orange?? You may think that it is scary, but if you apply it properly you will love this color. The darker your skin color the more intense orange lip color will look good on you.

4. Beige or Bronze
             Beige color will give you a natural look. Great for everyday make up look.

Ms. Claire shared some tips.

1. Choose a great powder.
       Look for a powder that compliments your skin color and with great amount of spf for skin protection.

2. Don't over powder.
       If you don't want to make your face look cakey, don't over powder. If you have an oily skin, use a oil blotting paper before you apply powder.

3. Don't apply too much pressure when curling your eye lashes and don't re-curl when your lashes are wet.
         Too much pressure can result in loss of eye lashes. If your lashes are wet and you re-curl it there is a higher tendency to make your lashes weak and may fall. She said that some of her clients doesn't have lashes anymore because of too much curling (in medical term we call it madarosis).

4. Smile
        Smiling can access the line that you can use as a guide in contouring, highlighting, blush application.

5. Don't lick your lips.
          Saliva contains some digestive enzymes, which can make your lips dry and later on cracked. Use a wet toothbrush to exfoliate the lips.

 6. Drink lots of water.
            Drinking 8-10 glasses of water can keep you hydrated.

7. Apply Brow pencils/browcarra/powder lightly.
           You don't want your eye brows  to look scary, right? So apply those products lightly to make it look natural.

8. Clean make up applicators.
            Make sure to clean your make up brushes and sponges regularly. I do mine every week. To prevent breakouts.

9. Be brave. Try to find a way to play with it and have fun.
            Don't be scared in trying other colors. If you find it too intense soften it a bit.

10. Be realistic, try to see what's BEAUTIFUL in you.
            Don't stress yourself because your nose is not tall, your brows look odd, or your skin is dark. You may not appreciate that you are a beautiful morena if you use lots of whitening products. Make up wasn't made to change who you are, it should enhance your natural beauty. You must first believe that you are beautiful.

And that's it! I hope that you also learned a lot. And don't forget to check out Shu Uemura stores for the amazing products that I have mentioned above.

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