Saturday, March 30, 2013

Laneige Volume Setting Mascara Review

    Hello sweeties! ^.^ I'm back with another mascara review. I don't know why I am loving mascara these days. But by the way, I waited for months to see this product in Laneige stores here in the Philippines. After I've seen the cf of this volume setting mascara I told myself that I should get this one! So I am excited to share this zero clumping, zero smudging, and zero drooping volumizing mascara. Let's find out more about this product.

Product Description:

Zero Weight and Flake with Volume Gel!!
Volume Gel, which is originated from plant, helps to achieve curl silky, denser and defined lashes without smudge or clumping or flaking. Natural Carbanauba and beeswax set the lashes with just one light sweep, and the curl stays for a long period of time.

Zero Smudge with Triple Fitting Film!

Triple Fitting Film is made of flexible Triple Polymer, which helps to design a long lasting sily lashes and comforts the eyes with water-resistant and sweat-proof effects.

Easy to Remove! 

Just splash your eyes with warm water. No make-up remover needed.

Double Twisted Brush!
Laneige's specially designed Double Twisted Brush coats each lashes from root to end and achieve defined lashes. No matter how many times you put the mascara on, it helps to achieve the volume that you want. The left side of the brush is for stonger volume, and the right side is to maximize the lenghthening and curling.

How to use:

STEP 1 : Apply a 1st coat
Put the wand on the root of the lashes. Zig-zag the wand back and forth for three or four times on both eyes.

STEP 2 : Apply a 2nd coat
Pull the wand up and through lashes for three or four times again to maximize the volume and separate lashes.

STEP 3: For clear eye
As you apply more, you can plump your eyelashes. Set your eyelashes with volume manicure to add shiny black coating. 



My thoughts: 

    The product makes my lashes look vavaboom! It lengthens and volumizes my barely visible lashes. It can create a false lashes look with some coats. I am so impressed with its excellent fine crisscross or double twisted wand that separates the lashes well. For me the wand is the best I've ever tried so far. The packaging is nice and sleek. It does not smell weird or awful. And another thing I love about this mascara is, it is so easy to remove. But I'm kinda doubting the waterproof or smudge proof capacity because it can be easy to remove by water. You may notice clumping or flaking if you applied more in it to your dry lashes. So I suggest that add more coats while it is still wet. It is poor in maintaining the curl of lashes. To avoid drooping of your lashes, apply the right amount. Too much mascara will make your lashes feel heavy and can drag it down. Because it is Laneige expect that this product is a little bit pricey, 1200 php, but worth it. I am loving this mascara and I am using this everyday. Actually this product was featured in Song Hye Kyo's latest korean drama, That winter the wind blows. So I'll rate this product 4/5.

    So that's my thoughts about Laneige volume setting mascara. If you have tried this product, you can write your opinions down at the comment box. Let me know if you want a Song Hye Kyo or Oh Young inspired make up tutorial from Korean drama That winter the wind blows. So for any questions or request feel free write them below. For daily updates or you just want to interact with me you can follow me in facebook, twitter, and instagram. Follow this blog site for more product reviews or beauty related blogs. Watch out for my upcoming Banila co. It Radiant cc cream review. Have a blessed weekend guys! ^.^


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