Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Hard to say "GOODBYE": when make up EXPIRES


    When I try to organize my things, I realized that I have piles of make ups!!!! 1 full drawer, 1 medium sized box, and 2 make up kits!! I'm not using some of my cosmetics. And I already gave my sister some foundation and BB creams that I used less than a week, still I have lots of make ups left.

     In one of the Tyra Banks show, I was really shocked when Tyra said that make ups have expiration dates. Ofcourse I was a bit depressed after I  heard that (T_T). Well, it's true, make up doesn't last forever (T_T) huhuhu..... Using expired make ups can harm our skin, so before that happens we have to know when to dispose these products.

     So I'd like share the shelf life/dresser life of different cosmetics, so grab your tissues and and prepare to let go......

  • Eye shadows
Dresser life(after opening): 3 months
Maintenance: Don't apply with bare hands, use eye shadow brush.
  • Eyeliner
Dresser life(after opening): 3 months or until dries up or start to smell off
Maintenance: For pencil eyeliners, sharpen regularly; for powder form liners, do not apply using fingers.
  • Mascara
Dresser life(after opening): 2-3 months
Maintenance: Run mascara wand under hot water then spray with alcohol or better to buy disposable mascara wand, and don't shove the brush back and forth in the tube to get more mascara on it.
  • Eyebrow liners
Dresser life(after opening): When it can't be sharpened further
Maintenance: Sharpen regularly with an eyebrow pencil sharpener.
  • Concealer
Dresser life(after opening): 1 year if in powder or stick form or until it dries up, loses coverage, or changes color; 2 years if liquid based
Maintenance: wipe after each use.
  • Compact Powder
Dresser life(after opening): 18 months 
Maintenance: Throw away if color changes, store in the refrigerator, and do nor put in a moist or hot area.
  • Loose Powder
Dresser life(after opening): 2 years or until color changes
Maintenance: Discard when it gets wet.
  • Blush
Dresser life(after opening): 6 months
Maintenance: Store in cool, dry place, clean blush brush regularly, and wait for a few minutes before putting on blush after applying foundation and moisturizer.
  • Bronzing Powder
Dresser life(after opening): 1 year or until color changes
Maintenance: Keep dry.
  • Lipstick
Dresser life(after opening): 1 year or until it starts to dry or smell off
Maintenance: Store in refrigerator to keep it firm, and use lip brush.
  • Lip Gloss
Dresser life(after opening): 1 year 
Maintenance: Do not share with anyone.
  • Lip Tint
Dresser life(after opening): 6 months
Maintenance: Do not share with anyone.

*Another tip, after buying a make up label it - write the date of purchase and the dresser life.

     So that's it!!Make sure to check the shelf life of your make ups to avoid infections, skin irritations, and blemishes. Throw all cosmetics products that smells foul or unused make ups for more than 2 years ( I know it's hard)! Good Lucks guys! ^_^


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