Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mamonde Real Skin Founder Review

    Hello loves! I've been watching Sunny eonni's videos and noticed that she loves the Mamonde Real Skin Founder. I got curious so when a friend told me that she will be having a vacation in Korea, I asked her if she can get this for me. And now, I will share my thoughts with this product.

Product Description:

  • Advanced base make up that collects foundation and powder effect in one.
  • Foundation that covers thinly and moisturizing, powder that remains brightness after maximizing fitting feeling.
  • Makes rough skin smooth and creates energetic bright skin.
  • Offers vitality instantly to create high class illumination.
  • Contains SPF level 33 PA+++

How to use:

1. Put moderate amount to puff lightly from side to side.
2. Pat lightly to maximize adhesiveness for smooth skin texture.
3. Re-apply a small amount to noticeable areas with freckle, blemish, pores.


    Unfortunately, I can't review all of the ingredients because the ingredient list doesn't have english translation. However I've seen 3 ingredients written in English. The first one is edelweiss extract from edelweiss flower simply means "noble white". It acts as moisturizer and astringent. It contains powerful anti-aging properties as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and UV protection. As seen in the table above, it will not cause skin irritations and acne. Gold isn't just a pigment. This luxurious ingredient locks up moisture, makes the skin firm and look radiantly beautiful. But based in some articles that I've read, it can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions if it is in excessive amount. The last ingredient is the pearl extract. It makes the skin smooth, firm, radiant, and regenerates cells. It is considered safe for daily use.

My Thoughts:

    The packaging comes in a pink compact container with a plastic separator. It includes an air puff for easy application. I wash the air puff every night with lukewarm water. I just can't sleep without cleaning air puffs that I've used, OCness! haha... The compact container is not so bulky which is great when traveling.

    I am in shade N01 light beige which complements my natural skin tone. The foundation is balm type, so the texture is creamy. It doesn't feel heavy upon application, but after 2-3 hours my face looks shiny and  feels a little greasy. I tend to use oil blotting paper twice to lessen the oiliness. But actually, if I'm in a well ventilated place it doesn't get too oily. I don't recommend it to use during summer time or if you have a super oily skin.

        I like the coverage of this foundation which is light to medium. As you can see in the photo above, it does a great job in covering and reducing redness with just one layer. But if you are still not satisfied and wants to cover dark spots and redness fairly, you can add more layer to build up the desired coverage. But I recommend adding 2 layers only so that it will not look cakey. It leaves a beautiful semi-dewy finish. Which will be great for normal and dry skin. This product is not yet available here in the Philippines but you can always check online shops to order.

      I like the semi-dewy effect of this foundation and the coverage. However, I can only wear this in a well ventilated place or if the weather is not too hot. But I still like it. I also suggest to avoid layering too much because it tends to look cakey.

     And that's my review for the mamonde real skin founder. Have you already tried this product? Feel free to share your opinions below. If you'd like to ask me some questions or you have any request or suggestion you can post them at the comment box. Follow this blog for more beauty related post. For updates in my daily life please follow me in facebook, tweeter, instagram. I'll be back with more product reviews. My blog sale is still on going so feel free to browse the items here. And for those who are living here in the Philippines, my friend and I will soon launch our online shop which is KBeauty HQ. 

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  1. Beautifully reviewed Kameshi! :)

  2. This sounds lovely for a light natural coverage :)
    Unfortunately my skin is super oily so I don't think it'd work for me! Great review :)

    Jess xo

  3. I love your blog

  4. Thanks for the great review! I was contemplating on buying this product, but after hearing how it is not good for oily skin, I decided against it.