Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aurora Day Moisture and Protection Cream Silky Radiance SPF 15 Review

    Hello guys! ^.^ If you're living here in the Philippines I'm sure you are familiar with Fern Inc. And some of you might have been taking their famous vitamin supplement which is Fern C. Nah... My mom used to force me to take that vitamin supplement. But I will not review Fern C vitamins however, I will share to you a skin care product from Fern Inc. Yes it's skin care product not vitamin/food supplements. It is Aurora Day moisture and protection cream silky radiance.

    So what is aurora by fern? AURORA is a revolutionary facial cream product that will transform your skin from dull, dry and damaged to bright, supple and smooth (more info here). 


My Thoughts:

    It has a velvety texture and very smooth upon application. A pea size goes a long way, trust me! Regarding the sunscreen level , spf 15 is not enough specially here in the Philippines. The humidity here is not like the pass few years, because it is very very very hot! But the spf level of this product will be great for picture taking and video shoots because it is low. My friend told me that this moisturizer was used by the cast of "Ina, Kapatid, Anak".  This product claims that the ingredients are 100% percent organic which health conscious or organic product advocates will love. But if you are looking for the ingredients list, unfortunately they didn't show the full ingredients in the box or container. 

In terms of oil control, it is ok or it controls well if you are in a cold or air-conditioned place. But if you are not in a well ventilated place, it feels like it melts to your face and gives you a awkward, heavy, greasy feeling. So if you'll be walking around in the streets or will go in a hike never apply this specially if you have a oily or combination type of skin. On the other hand, I think this will be great for those with dry skin. I didn't break out with this product. I also noticed that somehow it reduced some redness in my face. To sum it all up, I would totally wear this product in a well ventilated place and use a little amount so that it will feel light in my skin. I highly recommend this for those who have a dry type of skin and for those with sensitive skin(because it is so mild). So I will rate this product 4/5.

    And that's my short review for Aurora Day Moisture and Protection Cream Silky Radiance. So if you are interested to get this product you can check their site here or email Mr. Bryson Larrosa at . For more beauty related post please subscribe or follow this blog. And for daily updates or you just want to be friends you can follow me on facebook, tweeter, instagram, and  keek. So thanks again for reading my blog. God bless lovelies! ^.^ 


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