Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Laneige Story ♥

    Hello lovelies! ~ ^.^ ♥ Wondering why I am so in love with Laneige products??? I am so happy to finally share to you my Laneige story.

    A typical teenage problem is acne. My skin started to break out so bad since 3rd year high school. And we all know that teens are so much concern with their body image, that's why suffering from acne affected my self confidence. I became more shy and avoided too much interaction with other people. I tried to use some acne treatment products. Even high end or popular products didn't work well in my skin. Some made my skin condition worse. I also try to conceal my skin imperfections through make up.


   Whenever I go to the I go to the mall, I keep on seeing Song Hye Kyo's photos. She is actually my favorite Korean actress. I envy her beautiful, radiant, healthy glowing skin. At first I am a bit hesitant to enter Laneige store. Thinking that their products may not work for me like the other brands, made me ignore the brand. But, because I am so curious about Song Hye Kyo's skin, I search for some reviews of their products.

  The first product that I purchased was the Laneige Pore Deep Cleansing Foam. My skin improved since I started using it. Since then I became addicted to Laneige.

   They invited me to their first workshop here in Manila last October 7,2011. I have learned some tips and tricks from Mr. Min Hyuk Park, an international make up artist who worked with Song Hye Kyo. And I purchased their Skin Veil Oil-free foundation. I am surprised because I received a lot of sample products!

After that, I keep on visiting Laneige store to know more about their products. I purchased their pore line products and saw a great improvement to my skin.

  Even though I try to use other products from other brands, I keep on coming back to Laneige. Why? Simply because their products are so effective. And guess what? Now I own a lot of Laneige products! I visit their stores frequently and I also love the friendliness of their SA or consultants. 

Some of the products I purchased like the cleanser is empty or I finished the tube, are not included in the photo.

    Recently, they announced that Song Joong Ki (my dream guy) is the new face of Laneige Homme!!! Omo! More reason to love Laneige.


   I am so grateful to finally find the perfect brand and products that works to my skin. I will always be a loyal Laneige girl. Of-course I highly recommend their products! And I will continue to do Laneige product reviews. 

     So for girls who have the same experience like me, don't try to conceal your imperfections through make ups. Try to invest more on skin care products, like what I did. After you notice skin improvements, then go splurge your self with any make up you want. And remember that beauty is the total balance of your physical attributes, intellectuality, spirituality,and emotions. So don't just focus on superficial beauty. ♥

   And that's my Laneige story. How about you what's your Laneige story? Feel free to share your thoughts about the brand and their products below. I'll be happy to read your stories. So for comments, reactions, questions, or request feel free to also write them below. And for daily updates, follow me in:

Loving Laniege,

Kameshi ♡ 

***Laneige didn't pay me or sponsored me to do this blog. Everything that is written above are my experiences and my own purchase. 


  1. Hi Kameshi! I like makeup too! I discovered Laneige when I got a sample of the Water Sleeping Pack Ex. It was very effective. :) I got compliments from friends too! It was my wow moment because it worked overnight! Now I love Laneige too! :) Check out my review here:

    Take Care,
    Angel Mariel :)

    1. Hi Angel! I've been using Laneige Water Sleeping pack for a long time. Yes it is really amazing! ^.^

  2. Hi, can you tell me what products you use every day exactly to get clean and clear skin? Thank you :)

    1. Hi, I will do a post regarding my skin care routine. :)

  3. Hello there..
    Please...Pleasee Help me
    i'm 16yo
    But, my skin is too bad
    i had so many pimples, they are on my cheeks and all over my head
    does the laneige sleeping pack can help me?
    does it works in you?
    or maybe , what kinds of product u use usually if you have a pimples?
    Please Help me, i'm really really need your help ��
    Just the same with you, im always shy when talk with the other classmates or whatever because of my acne ��
    Please reply me ��
    Thankyou anw..
    your skin was perfect, i really envy of you ��

    1. Hi hun, laneige sleeping pack brightens and moisturizes the skin, it will not totally cure or help you with your acne. What I can really advice is to consult your dermatologist first, they may prescribe you some treatments for your acne. My dermatologist prescribed me some antibiotics like clindamycin and adapalene. :)

  4. Laneige is a great product, I’ve read rave reviews about it.
    ~Pauline @Kallony